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No one should go to bed on an empty stomach



Farming God's Way

Teaching people to help themselves


To Uplift the Community in any way needed


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Port Alfred Soup Kitchen

Address:  42 Van der Riet Street, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Telephone:  046 624 4925

Fax:  046 624 4925

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Our Newsletters

January 2020

A very happy New Year to all of our readers—may 2020 be a year filled with hope, prosperity and good health for many. As we look back on last year, we are happy to say we made another year of feeding the needy of the Ndlambe area. With the disappointment of being unable to receive Lotto funding our communities, both locally and overseas came to our aid with the most amazing contributions, donations, and support. Thank you, Ndlambe community, once again, for supporting us through the difficult times and ensuring these destitute folk are taken care of.


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