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Good morning!
My name is Nandi Fenqe. I am married for 5 years now. I am married to a Pastor. I was born and raised in Grahamstown and came in Port Alfred for Gods work (MINISTRY). The name of the Church is Life Giver International Ministries in Nemato.
I came to the Port Alfred Christian Upliftment Centre through a friend of mine. She called me and ask if ever I was interested. She knew I am furthering my studies in Finance and I knew there and than that was GOD because I have a passion on the needy people. I am very compasionate in helping those who are in need. My vision is working with elderly people and young kids so this I saw as an opportunity for me to fullfill part of what God has called me to do. Working here I have learned a lot, I have seen a lot. When you are not involved in a situation you will never know how big the situation is. And what drove me to stay and love this place is the big heart that the committee and the volunteers have. Not everyone can do what they are doing without expecting something in return and its a great thing to me and is a great thing in the eyes of the Lord.
As I am an Administrator here, I also help with packing collections, packing food that we get from donors, cleaning vegetables for the soup. Supervising the staff, make sure the premises are kept clean as we are getting positive feedback on how clean the premises are. Supervise the vehicles. Preparing food on Monday, Wednesday, Friday by the help of the volunteers, handing out clothes and blankets. Visit homes who are in need. Doing books, pay the staff, organise meetings, buy things that are needed. And I do that with a happy heart because I'm doing part of what I'm called to do. 
Thank you.

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